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ic. You helped me so much. Thanks for everything, Howard.

I'd highly recommend taking driving lessons from Howard. His calm approach and clear and detailed explanations not only teach you how to drive but also help you to fully appreciate all underlying processes. He tunes his teaching to how you perform best and is great in building your confidence. I couldn't be more grateful!

Howard has been amazing with his teaching and definitely boosted my confidence with every lesson. It's been a pleasure having him as my instructor and would absolutely recommend him to anyone who is thinking about learning to drive. Overall a friendly and patient guy!

Howard helped build up my confidence quickly and was supportive through the whole process. Would reccommend him to anyone! He was patient with me through every step and if I struggled with anything he helped me work through it. Best instructor you could have!

Howard is such a great and patient instructor! Helped build my confidence so much on the road! Passed first time and being 36 weeks pregnant too! Would recommend him to anybody! Definitely worth every penny! Couldn't thank him enough!

I would recommend Howard to anyone for driving lessons, I found my driving vastly improved after lessons with him, Leading up to passing my test, Due to his patients and attention to detail and I would like to thank him very much for helping me pass my driving test kind regards Gary pyatt.

Howard has been a brilliant teacher and was always very patient with me. Had around 20-25 lessons with him and passed my test first time with only 3 minors against me. Thanks Howard

I would like to say a massive thank you to Howard for guiding my through my driving lessons and helping me to pass first time. He is very patient and puts all of his work into making sure that you are achieving. If you aren't able to do something first time he'd find a way to ensuring that you could do it.
I'd recommend learner2advance to anybody who's wanting to take up driving lessons.

Howard is without a doubt a fantastic instructor that is patient, thorough and most importantly, CALM!
At all times you feel safe and he encourages you to think of the wider picture ie. the implications of other road users, how your own driving may impact on others' etc, so never a dull lesson-you're always learning!
Overall, a fanstic instructor who made it possible for me to pass first time!!
(thank you Howard!!)

Great instructor, passed first time with no problems at all!