All-Weather Driving.

The aim of this module is to cover all aspects of driving, including speed and stopping distances, in adverse weather conditions. The weather conditions covered will include rain, sleet, snow, ice, mist, fog and bright sunshine.

Essential knowledge will include making sure that you can both see and be seen. This could include the use of headlights and fog lights. How to operate the heater, fan and air conditioning controls.

The causes of skids and how to avoid them will be mentioned. Should a skid happen then how they could be corrected and how to brake on loose on poor surfaces will be spoken about. Aquaplaning is very serious so how to avoid it and what to do should it happen will also be looked at.
To be awarded an Achieved grade there will be;

"Occasional inappropriate speed for the prevailing road and/or weather conditions with isolated instances of erosion of safe separation distances."
To be awarded an Exceeded grade you must display;

"A very good drive constantly matching speed and visibility to suit varying road and weather conditions."
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