Out of Town Driving & Rural Roads.

This module moves out of town and suburban areas and will look at the main differences from town driving. You should be observing the road ahead and making safe progress whilst at the same time considering the particular hazards that could be associated with bends, hills, uneven roads and dead ground. You should be able to keep and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead and be able to overtake safely.

Special consideration will have to be taken for pedestrians, especially on roads without pavements, and horse riders. Bends could also be sharper so use of the horn should be considered to make your presence known. You will need to appreciate the hazards associated with farm entrances and buildings, slow moving vehicles, livestock and other wild animals. You could encounter mud and other debris on the road and know how to deal with it. Where the road narrows to the width of a single vehicle you will need to know how to use passing places correctly.
To be awarded an Achieved grade;

"A competent performance was displayed while negotiating bends, undulating roads and driving through rural areas. However there was a lack of finer attention to detail to some aspects encountered."
To be awarded an Exceeded grade you must display;

"A competent overall performance was maintained while negotiating bends, undulating roads and driving through rural areas at appropriate speeds. Good foresight and awareness was applied to any aspects encountered."
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