Dual Carriageways.

Dual carriageways are high-speed multi-lane roads where the roads are separated by a central reservation. They demand particular skills including the use of good, all round effective observation, including the use of all mirrors, blind spots and being able to scan the far, middle and near distances. You will need to display judgment and planning including a safe following distance and use of the two second rule. You will need to know how to join and leave dual carriageways, including the corect use of acceleration and deceleration lanes. You will need to understand how to overtake correctly and safely, how to use lanes correctly and the safe and correct use of speed.
To be awarded an Achieved grade you will have;

"Demonstrated the principles of overtaking safely but a lacked a degree of urgency to execute the exercise to a very competent level."
To be awarded an Exceeded grade you;

"Took opportunities as presented to overtake in a manner that was executed in complete safety."
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