As a new driver you may never have driven on a motorway. They are unlike any other road, not just because of the number of lanes, the high traffic volumes and vehicle speeds, but also because there are rules and signs that only relate to motorways. Pass Plus will give you invaluable training and experience in driving on motorways.

The topics covered will include the planning of journeys in advance, joining and leaving motorways, safe speeds in different circumstances, effective observation, including the use of all mirrors, blind spots and being able to scan the far, middle and near distances and the signs, signals and markings specific to motorways. How to overtake and use lanes correctly. You will need to show courtesy to other road users, know how to deal with fatigue and what to do should you break down. You will also have to know about using your lights, including the use of hazard warning lights, how to deal with debris on the carriageway and crosswinds.
To be awarded an Achieved grade you will have;

"Demonstrated theoretical knowledge and understanding of the principles of joining travelling and leaving that was consolidated on dual carriageway roads."
To be awarded an Exceeded grade you will have driven;

"A practical motorway session that demonstrated safe, correct control and judgment when joining, travelling along and exiting a motorway."
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