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What to expect on your first lesson.

When you meet your instructor from
Learner2Advanced for the first time you will need to bring the following with you.

Please dress in comfortable clothing and sensible (flat) shoes.

Whether you have driven before, or not, your
Learner2Advanced instructor will initially drive to a quiet safe area where you will swap seats with your Learner2Advanced instructor and they will explain the process of learning to drive.

If you have driven before your
Learner2Advanced instructor will assess your current skill level and agree a lesson plan with you. If you have not driven before your Learner2Advanced instructor will start the process of teaching you how to drive safely. In both cases this should be seen as learning a life skill which requires practice and keeping up to date for the whole of your driving career to ensure not only your own safety but that of other road users too.
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A GB or NI provisional driving licence for category B (CAR)
EITHER your National Insurance number OR a code from the DVLA licence check web-site which can be obtained by clicking here.
A signed copy of Learner2Advanced's Terms of Business
Spectacles or contact lenses, if required. (You must be able to read a current style number plate from a minimum distance of 20 metres.)
Your lesson fee(s).
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PHONE   07842 171166
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