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Are you ready for your test?

Have a look at what the theory and hazard perception tests involve in the videos below.

Also try the links below. The Driving Test Success link also provides lots of useful information.
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Please note that there are some internet sites that will charge an "admin." fee in addition to the test fee. The links above will take you directly to the Government web sites for booking your test etc. The only fees that you will pay are for the actual driving or riding test.
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What happens on the day of your test?

Your instructor will arrive at the pre-arranged meeting point. Your instructor will then check that you have the correct documentation. The documentation required, currently, is your photocard licence or your paper licence and a valid passport. You will also need to bring your theory test pass certificate or pass confirmation with you. You will then drive to the test centre and your instructor will accompany you into the test centre waiting room and do their best to put you at ease.

At the allocated time the Examiner will announce your name and check your documents. You will also be asked to sign the Driving Test Report form to confirm that your car is insured and that you have lived in the UK for at least 185 days in the last 12 months.

On the way to your car the Examiner will check your eyesight. If you can't complete the eyesight check your test will not continue and you will lose your fee.

The test includes being asked two questions. At the start of the test you will be asked a "tell me" question. Whilst driving you will be asked a "show me" question. If either, or both, questions are answered incorrectly a driving fault will be recorded. A full list of questions can be found here.

The Examiner should then explain about how the rest of the test will be conducted concluding with "Move off when you're ready please.".
VIDEO 2 - Hazard perception explained
VIDEO 3 - Driving tests in bad weather
VIDEO 1 - Theory test explained
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VIDEO 4 - Tell me questions
VIDEO 5 - Show me questions